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M/B “Gaj”

A floating gas station

Mini tanker

A floating gas station
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Kosirača Bay - Island of Ist

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Kosirača Bay Island of Ist

Ship's draft (draught)

Ship's draft (draught)

M/B Gaj is a boat for supplying vessels with fuel.

A floating gas station

The boat is equipped with tanks with a capacity of 150,000 l for Eurodiesel and 50,000 l for Eurosuper 95, which means that we are able to provide a fuel supply service for vessels of all sizes and requirements.

The location in the Kosirača Bay on the island of Ist is itself ideal for yachtsmen and commercial boats because it is located on a traffic route leading from the south to the north and vice versa and the only fuel supply facility on the stretch from Mali Lošinj to Zaglava (Dugi otok).

We are fully equipped for fuel supply services and we have separate fuel filling aggregates with different filling rates, depending on the type of vessel.

With its position on the dock, the MB Gaj ensures a fast flow of vessels and reduces the waiting period and potential crowds.

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Types of fuel


Ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel, i.e. the product that complies with the current European standard EN 590, on all the requirements of quality and application properties, and is primarily intended for vehicles with highly efficient systems - catalytic converters for the reduction of harmful elements in exhaust gases.

Such vehicles must meet the requirements of EURO V at homologation in Europe. The total sulphur volume amounts to less than 10 mg/kg and purpose additives guarantee the required lubricity. The value of the cetane number is at least 51.

The fuel is intended for all vessel with diesel engines, it meets all requirements provided in EN 590 and it may contain up to 7% volumes of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME).


The quality of the lead-free motor gasoline is in compliance with the requirements of the valid European standard EN 228. The sulphur content is lower than 10 mg/kg.

It is offered on the market with the aim of ensuring the full effectiveness of the state-of-the-art exhaust processing systems built in vehicles with the purpose of reducing the harmful elements of exhaust gases.

The new fuel is primarily intended for vehicles with the state-of-the-art high-efficiency exhaust processing systems, which need to meet the latest EURO requirements at homologation or if the manufacturer's instructions strictly specify that the fuels should be used in accordance with the EN 228 European standard. The fuel can contain up to 5% of the ethanol volume share.


M/B Gaj

Kosirača Bay, Island of Ist, Republic of Croatia

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